Phew! After long wranglings with the website, I had about given up, but the release of WebComicsNation came to my rescue (I get a free account, bein’ a Graphic Smash artist.)

So, in case you were waiting around to read “Irrational Fears” again–it’s up!

The Subconscious Chupacabra rides again!

And before anybody asks, no, this does NOT mean there will be new ones–I love Chu dearly, but I can only do a single webcomic at a time, and I’m under contract for Digger. It’s not a matter of money, I literally CAN’T do two. I have a very precise comic threshold. Even doing the mini-story for the print version of Digger, a mere six pages, left me drained and exhausted and whimpering. Sorry. When Digger’s story eventually wraps up in another coupla years, then maybe. (I would estimate we’re about two-fifths of the way through, maybe a smidge more, but there’s a large chunk of the plot labelled “Stuff Happens Here” that could be either reasonably succinct or a grueling epic, so that could be wildly off.)

Oh! Also, I recommend Web Comics Nation to anybody looking to host a webcomic who doesn’t mind paying a coupla bucks a month. Reeeeeally easy to use, supports subscription models, all kinda neat stuff, cheaper than World of Warcraft. Of course, I’m arguably biased, since Joey Manley the creator owns Graphic Smash, but getting Irrational Fears up was a total cinch, and there’s a lot to be said for that.

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