Cooked my latest for an hour at 200, letting it warm up and cool down with the oven. Seems to work! There’s one major and two minor cracks to be mended, but the ears survived perfectly, (Go, mesh armature!) and since I was planning a full paint job for him anyhow, the cracks shouldn’t be an insurmountable problem. (I was pleased to read that even the pros get cracks in their pieces, and just mend and sand, too. This makes me feel a lot better.)

This is actually a full head, not just a face, and he is sufficiently cool lookin’ that if he survives my inexpert mending, sanding, and painting, I will try Phase Two and try making hands and feet, and then–MADNESS–Phase Three, making a body armature.

But first he has to live through the next hour or so.

I think his name is Wormly.

Update: Liquid Sculpey and Super Sculpey do indeed make a fine spackle, and from what I can see peering into the oven every few nanoseconds, it seems to have mended it nicely. It did expand a touch, however, so I’ll have to sand it, and it will definitely require painting, or else Wormly would appear to have spent his youth as an inept knife fighter.

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