Curses! My face cracked!

The pre-baked teeth work fabulously, although I think they may need to be glued into the sockets after baking, since they’re a little loose. I glued one as a test. Seemed to work well. I baked this one about five minutes longer than the first one, and it seemed to be overkill, though–the clay broke into those little white crescents in a few places, and actually cracked in two areas. I could paint over the crescents, but the cracks may be fatal. Still, they’re small, and I might as well try and mend ’em, since hey, what’ve I got to lose? So we’ll see.

This makes me wonder if one simply needs to undercook these things–I baked the first one for fifteen minutes, to set the clay a bit, ‘cos I thought I might want to do something else to it. And it’s nice and hard and seems okay. But the package would indicate an hour and fifteen minutes, which seems kinda insane. Hmm. This may be one of those things I just need to experiment with–obviously I don’t want to undercook it so that it’s brittle. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

Well, anyway, off to face three! Woo! (God, I love this.)

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