Studio Assault is going well! Got the rack in, got most of the stuff in it–I still need to take a load of cardboard to the dump, so there’s a moderately scary corner, but the studio is definitely shaping up as someplace I want to work in, rather than some place to store art and flee. As always, I reaffirm the ancient truth that disorganization is expensive because you don’t know what you have–mats and frames are piling up around me, in sizes I usually think I’m out of. I am also cleaning the house in a haphazard fashion, and got the Diggers for the week done. It’s a productive day!

As a reward, I get to hang some art. The bathroom now has Kenket’s fish eating bears, I framed Kyoht’s delightful “Naked Mole Rat steals the Noble Lima Bean spirit” sketch, and the studio is getting stuff tacked to the walls. Life is good.

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