I got four small painting done this week for the Anthrocon/Trinoc art shows.

I have three weeks remaining to Anthrocon.

At four paintings a week, that would be sixteen small paintings, which would be more than I would have room for/hope to sell.

I should not worry about the fact that I am completely blanking on more small originals, therefore, because I’ve done plenty this week, and next week I will doubtless have plenty more ideas.

….and yet, far down in that hollow cavern under my breastbone, the one that fills with the sensation of thousands of small screaming animals clawing their way to the top of the heap when I suffer the anxiety of doing my taxes or filling out student loan paperwork, or smell a Con on the horizon–far down in the bottom, heretofore empty, a lone tiny animal just trudged into view. It is a vague, nondescript, rounded little animal, a colorless hamsterish Anxiety Creature, eyes squeezed tightly shut, with stubby limbs and tiny, scratchy little claws.

And it just screamed.

The pre-con panic begins.

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