I return!

Since I got the feeling back, this was a Good Sign, and probably meant that sudden death was not in the cards. Cardiac episode was ruled out after it was revealed that my blood pressure continues to mosey along like a sea cucumber on quaaludes. Stroke was highly unlikely, since I did get the feeling back, although if I lose the whole arm suddenly, or develop any other symptoms in that genre, I am told to get to the emergency room as fast as I can go.

But it was a good thing I went to the doctor–she thinks it’s inflamed nerve sheaths, which means that, now that they’re nicely inflamed, it’ll almost certainly keep happening all weekend. This would have freaked me the hell out, and I’d be in the ER hyperventilating. Monday I get scheduled for some tests that involve hooking little electrodes to my arm.

It’s my left arm, though. It can wither and fall off if it has to–the painting arm is sacred. The doctor was a little surprised that the left should go, rather than the oft-abused right, but I am deeply grateful to the painting gods for taking that side, and not the one I really REALLY need, since I have two cons next month. The most likely culprit is that I’ve been reading alot of science writing lately, which involves holding the arm up, more or less immobile, clutching a heavy hardcover, and evidentally the weight and the position is compressing the nerve sheaths in my wrist, causing them to swell. We’ll know more once they zap me a few times and see what bits twitch.

So I feel a lot better now.

Edit: And my gratitude to everybody who posted with well-wishing–I feel da love! Thankfully turned out to be nothing much, but man, it was pretty freaky while it was happening. *grin*

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