Battle For The Crown

Temporary crown vs. Toast! Battle of the Century!

Crown has, so far, been undefeated! Toast has been macerated for a good few months! Death to the toasty infidel!

However, this morning, with a fearful internal CRACK! Toast got the last laugh! Victory is Toast’s!

Half of the offending crown was fished out in sudden dismay. The other half is on the long journey south even as we speak, accompanying a mouthful of toast, a fallen dental warrior travelling to Valhalla with the shattered body of its foe across its shield.

I kinda hope my insurance paperwork has gone through, as I’ve been waiting for it to do, because the sudden gaping hole in the molar skyline is unsettling. It will be replaced Monday, 8:30 sharp, insurance paperwork or not, it’s just a pain in the ass to do the paperwork and set up all the payment plans and whatnot.

On the bright side, doesn’t hurt at all–the tooth is dead as a doornail and well-filled, so other than some slight tenderness to the gums and the sheer WEIRDNESS of the hole, it wasn’t painful, just startling as hell. Since I’ve had tooth pain, and I will take any other pain on earth over it, this is a major plus.

Well, THAT’ll certainly wake you up in the morning…

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