Busy morning on the bird feeders–eastern towhees, both male and female, which I cannot get photos of to save my life, but love looking at, plus all the usual suspects. The bluebirds are as entrenched as if they never left. Managed to get a whole run of photos of the gray catbird. Saw what I think was a fledgling yellow-rumped warbler, making staggering little flights from twig to twig, each time flapping as frantically as if he was in a hurricane.

And at last! A hummingbird came!

To the oriole feeder.

I tried frantically to get the camera focused and in position, but naturally it buzzed off before I could do more than squawk and flail. Once it was gone, I ran out and refilled the hummingbird feeder, in hopes that it will return.

Meanwhile, the chickadees are absolutely psychotic. They’re driving off the catbird and the woodpeckers, trying desperately to retain control of the suet cake. That they are about a quarter of the size of their opponents does not seem to have registered with them. It’s painfully cute. I am trying to get photos, but action shots are a little much for my shutter speeds, and the lighting still isn’t great. The cute! it burns!

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