Still…working…on website.

It’s not hard so much as tedious–I’ve resigned myself to the layout I’ve got now, with the understanding that as our knowledge grows, we may be able to do snazzy stuff like collapsing menus and whatnot. Better to get it up and on-line and working for me than obsessing. I am not a perfectionist. I think if I have had any success as an artist, it’s attributable to that–I’ll do my best, but at the end of the day, I am capable of saying “Good enough for jazz,” and putting the brush down. (This may mean that I will never be a great artist, but the odds weren’t really in my favor anyway.)

But anyway, the website. The problem is basically that I have SO MUCH ART. I’ve uploaded probably 3/4ths of it, and I’m slowly working through getting all the descriptions in, but it’s slow. I’m hoping to get it put up this weekend–it won’t have all the art, but it’ll have most of it, and since I can update so easily, I’ll be able to continue putting up the rest of the art, as well as the new stuff. I’d like to get all the descriptions in for the art before it goes up, but it’ll be a work in progress for awhile, I suspect.

Also, it’s worth noting that the Digger I am working on today is page 200. I’m rather wowed by this. While page 100 had our wombat heroine being stabbed in the posterior, this page is not quite so exciting, but I’m still kinda jazzed at how long this has gone on.

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