Monthly Archives: April 2005

Woo! Our first Shadowrun session! (Eberron died after a few sessions, due to extreme crunch time on the part of the GM and some players, somebody else moved away, etc. Then the word “Shadowrun” was mentioned, and people began falling out of the woodwork screaming “YES! YES! SHADOWRUN!” It would appear many of us have […]

Plenty of you have probably seen this before, but it was new to me. I…don’t know if this is work safe or not. There is an order page. For $400, you, too, can own a…wonderous…vulva…puppet… Some mornings, the internet is simply so weird and so apparently sincere that one can only take one’s coffee […]

I’m talkative this morning. Work avoidance, I suppose. Working rather feverishly on the mini-story for the Digger collection. I am getting a little nervous about it–not because I think it’s bad but because I’m getting the peculiarly exposed feeling that I get sometimes when I write fiction–the sort of “There is too much of me […]

There is undoubtedly a way to put a poll in here. I don’t know what it is. However, yet another website question, O dear readers! I am organizing the galleries. Or trying, anyhow. Assuming that this is an either/or proposition, and that there will be a reasonably functional search engine, that each category will appear […]

I woke to the cheerful sound of the cat howling next to my ear. “Surely she’s not REALLY next to my ear…” I thought. I turned my head, and nearly put my nose in the cat’s mouth, as she let go another “Muuurrrrrrrrrawwww!” about an inch away. This cat does not meow. She has two […]

I am SO easily amused… This one, I cannot imagine having the popularity of Azezaelbunny, but having learned my lesson, and hoping to sell them for years to come, I’ll do a run of 25 for the usual $45. If those sell out fast, then I really will raise my prices, but I figure […]