Monthly Archives: April 2005

The grayness of the day was making me moody. There’s nothing in particular to be depressed about, life is generally good, but you know how it is…the gray…the dank…the dark…you get that kind of hollow knot under your sternum and find yourself drinking tea by the gallon and trying to find something good to brood […]

Rambling thoughts on Mothman, Animal X, and cryptozoological birding

So last night, I got stoned and did something I regretted. I watched “Animal X” on Animal Planet. For those who have been spared this horror, I will explain. It’s a…cryptozoology show. Not a good one. One of that crop of unbelievably stupid ghost-hunter shows, where people who would make the average three-year-old look like […]

Shadowrun again today! Woo! Important lessons learned… If you hear a helicopter on the roof, it does not mean “Everybody run in all directions for no apparent reason.” However, should you happen to run into a gift-shop, the uses of a troll-sized “Chicago Museum of Art” T-shirt are many, and include hiding a sleeping mage. […]

The Great Dismal Swamp was cool! And not at all dismal. While it was definitely a swamp, it wasn’t…y’know…swampy in the dripping Spanish-moss and roving alligator sense. It was more like a forest with a flooded basement. Didn’t see all that many birds, but we can chalk that up as much to my being a […]

The juncoes have gone, and been replaced by chipping sparrows, although the later aren’t nearly so numerous or likely to hit the feeder. The squirrels are trying to eat the deck railing. This baffles me. They’ve gnawed the corners round. Since I don’t know what they’re after, I can’t exactly stop them, and my landlady, […]