Woo! Our first Shadowrun session! (Eberron died after a few sessions, due to extreme crunch time on the part of the GM and some players, somebody else moved away, etc. Then the word “Shadowrun” was mentioned, and people began falling out of the woodwork screaming “YES! YES! SHADOWRUN!” It would appear many of us have fond memories…)

Nothing particularly exciting to report yet, since much of it was just the standard smoke test of characters and tweaking and whatnot. Finally got to use the metavariant rules and play a minotaur troll, which I’ve wanted to do since the Shadowrun Companion came out many moons ago. The minotaur is a cat burglar. (Because, I mean, why not?) The minotaur climbs Really Really Well. (That’s what cat burglars do!) Other characters did not climb quite so well. But it’s all good! Nothing breaks the ice quite like having to piggyback on a strange cow-headed troll, down a rope, out of a low-flying plane. And being generally a cooperative sort, and strong as the proverbial ox, she’s also good for lugging the mage’s body around while he gallivants about the astral plane, and ferrying yet more people, in shifts, down the explosive rigged elevator shaft (being an adept, she can walk over tripwires without tripping them, even with an elf clinging to her head.) So that was good.

I am a little less sanguine about strapping the armed nuclear bomb we tripped over to my character’s back, but never let it be said I’m not willing to take one for the team…

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