We gots pills!

I love my pharmacist. I never realized what a boon a good pharmacist is until I started hearing all these horror stories about pharmacists deciding to make their own little moral decisions about withholding people’s birth control. But mine is great, laid back, always asks if there’s any questions or problems with the meds, showers me with pamphlets and opinions if I ask about some medication I heard about, mocks the contents of the holistic medicine shelf (I find this hysterical) and today, sent multiple faxes off to the doctor on my behalf, and then double checked to make sure that I had seen the note they sent asking me to make an appointment for an exam, all of it in a sweeping Indian drawl and with many hand gestures. And he remembers my name, and waves when he sees me outside the store. I don’t even remember my name some days…

So it’s all good.

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