Watching Gimpy the squirrel on the feeder today. Now that it’s warm enough that the male squirrels all have visible testicles again,* I can determine that Gimpy is actually a girl. I would call her Gimpette, but I’ve gotten too used to Gimpy.

It astounds me still how recovered Gimpy is–most times I can’t even tell who she is until she turns and I see the stiff foot. I watched her hang off a tree by her hind feet, sunflower seed in hand, and she doesn’t seem to notice that she’s hanging by a single foot. And they have amazing ankles.

*I was reading last night that evidentally female squirrels have extremely large clitorises, making confusion easy for the casual squirrelwatcher. I suspect from this that Notch may have been a girl as well, although I haven’t seem him/her recently enough to tell.

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