All’s well that ends well–while I had a spectacularly unproductive day yesterday, I did manage to finish off a nagging hanging project, pending revisions, and all those little bird photos turned out for the best, because my mother e-mailed to ask if I had any good bird photos because she’s working on a painting for a show with a bird theme. So I could laugh maniacally and send her twenty shots of bluebirds, and all was right with the cosmos.

Well, except for the fact that I’m behind on Diggers for this week and need to scramble, a situation not much helped by my tendency to suddenly dive for the floor in mid-work, wriggle across the floor, and try to get a shot of the increasingly less elusive northern flicker.

Experimenting with oil pastel on clayboard now. It’s really cool on the textured clayboard, and the tooth of the board allows for some neat mixed media effects, which in turn allows me to get much better detail. So hopefully that’ll work out.

Also, idiot that I am, I had no idea that turpentine would affect colored pencil. Everybody else knew this already, I’m sure, but I was wowed.

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