Digger Announcement

For months they asked me. No, years. Definitely years. Not frequently, perhaps, but every now and then, the question would come up. “When…?” “Can we get a…?” and each time, I said “Well, not yet, but hopefully at some point…” So it is with great pleasure (and no amount of mild disbelief, because whodathunk something I doodled while watching Steve Irwin get his calf bitten by an irritable marsupial would come so far?) I can finally give a better answer.

So, uh…there’s a dead tree version of Digger in the works.

Sofawolf Press, who put out “It Made Sense At The Time” is going to be publishing the Digger collection, vol 1. It will contain the first two chapters, plus a four or five page little mini-story exclusive to the volume which I’m working on at the moment. Sofawolf did a fabulous job on the art book, and are generally just wonderful guys, so I’m excited to have ’em do the Digger compendium.

The mighty and pussiant comic gods willing, it will debut at Anthrocon, be available at San Diego Comic Con, and you’ll be able to order it on-line as well.

So hey, how cool izzat?

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