Had my first pottery class today! It was fun. Wheel throwing is not quite like riding a bicycle, but a lot of it did come back automatically. Just need more time and I imagine I’ll be back up to the pinnacle of my (very modest) skill soon. Then I can make lumpy bowls by the dozen! Woot!

I realized already one way I’ve matured though–my art is much less precious. Having thrown too fast and gotten a wall too thin, I paused, and was about ready to smoosh it, but the instructor suggested carefully saving it. I was somewhat startled by how little I cared–back in the day, I would have been exasperated and frustrated by my failure, but now I was willing to hack it off without a second thought. So I suppose that’s a good thing.

I have some ideas for carving leatherhard slabs that I want to try out in the mask making front, but it’ll have to wait for few classes yet. But still, I’m excited. And covered in dry clay bits. And who can ask for more?

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