Immediately I notice that I made the great cardinal mistake of having things cross at bad points–if you’re gonna have a ring on the mousey tail, don’t put it where the tail crosses a background element. And definitely don’t do it twice. Bugger. I wonder why I didn’t notice that while I was painting?*

Oh, well. I do like the Art Nouveau theme, and it broke the mouse/poncho/chicken record, anyway. And no day where you sell art is a bad day.

And now, I am struck with the burning question…what in the element Earth is swirly and potentially Art Nouveau? Plants, arguably, but if I wind up doing Wood and Metal to get the Chinese elements in there, Wood gets plants, so I am left with swirly dirt. Curse you, swirly dirt! …rocks with 80’s hair? Man. Art is, like, hard ‘n stuff.

Chicken, maybe. Chicken is an element, right?

*This question, in various incarnations, crops up in the life of the artist approximately fifty times a painting, and is probably the main reason many of us hate living with our own art hung on the wall. Especially in the bathroom. Never, EVER hang your own art where you can stare at it while sitting on the toilet. Trust me. There are quicker and more fun routes to madness, even without absinthe or hundreds of tabs of LSD.

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