STILL working on concrete for this painting. Have realized that it is much too large for what I was planning–“Egg Trick” needs to be very small, it’s teeny in my head, (typically, as soon as I think “Must…do…BIG Gearworld! I get ideas for mini ones. Oh, well, better to have a range anyway…) and I’ve got some 6 x 6 cradled coming, so I’m holding off on this one, and using the 9 x 12 for a small piece, probably involving some sort of fetishes. (Not that kind.) While I grump about concrete on this, and wait for the layers to dry, I noodled around on a quick watercolor of the Snocketbeasts, from a sketch done at the coffeeshop t’other day, giving rise to Snocket and Snailhawk:

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