There was definitely stuff I was supposed to be doing, but I wound up painting this instead. Having vowed that I had no time to work on any complex art, I was naturally immediately seized with the need to do some.

It’s Kathy and Carlota’s fault. We were at the coffee shop, I was doodling on my tablet PC of doom, and…err…Kathy started it. (Okay, the hamster was mine. I will ‘fess up to the hamster.) It sort of started with the Skelt thing and then just kinda wandered into monsterville. Eighties hair band monsterville. I’m sure it was their fault. Definitely. No question. I’m not that weird.

Well, the triple espresso shot frappe couldn’t have helped.

And if I do the one with the yo-yos, that’s totally their fault, too.

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