I am STILL painting concrete.

24 x 36 is a much bigger area than 18 x 24. Well, twice as big. The thing is, I think there’s some kind of critical mass that hits, whereupon it takes much longer than twice as long to paint concrete over that area. Which shouldn’t be the case, but seems to be, as I slather washes of titan buff and raw umber and ivory black, and I haven’t even gotten to the detail stage yet. Part of the problem is that it’s gessoboard, which takes a lot more work than the clayboard, but the nice tooth in the gessoboard actually makes it rather easier to paint over the top, and takes pen and white gel pen much better, which, for this rather complex painting, will be a great help. (I think I’ll wind up using clayboard for the ones where the concrete is the point, and gessoboard for the ones where the things on top of the concrete are the point.)

But it’ll be cool. I hope.

That’s about the only exciting thing goin’ on yet today…picked up some high-fiber low-fat catfood for Athena, since she’s developing distinct pudge and the fiber is supposed to keep down her occasionally troublesome anal gland whatsits. (Exciting, no?) Small random birds are flitting around, but I haven’t seen the lovely Northern Flicker again. Re-reading The Fresco because it’s still one of my favorites in all those nasty, wish-fulfillment ways that I really shouldn’t revel in because it only makes me seem like an extremist loon, but I do anyhow. Sold a pack of originals. I’m actually well over the usual earnings this month, and haven’t had a dime come in on commissions–it’s all on sales. Obviously it being the holidays has a great deal to do with that, but it’s still nice as I hope to transition to a mostly commission-free life eventually. Another nice thing is that the print sales are about an even mix of digital and real media, which is good–still being slightly neurotic about my skills with real media, I worry that they won’t hold up in sales beyond the sale of the original itself. But they seem to be, so s’all good.

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