Running off even MORE prints. Damn, it’s been a busy Christmas. Not that I’m complaining! (Psst! Rapidly approaching the point where stuff won’t arrive by the 25th. Get those orders in now! /marketing)

I have accomplished the vast majority of my Christmas shopping. Some people are getting art. These people, being friends, will hopefully forgive me for my habit of dumping Christmas presents on them anywhere from January to July. (Occasionally I pick up a small placeholder gift, but sometimes I’m just stumped, and don’t. I tend to give gifts in a somewhat scattershot method–I see something and go “Hey! Blank would love that!” or I grab something at random, and Blank2 winds up getting it, which is why friends of mine who do express their desires in advance may get two or three presents, and those who just wave vaguely and say “Oh, whatever…” tend to acquire things like “The Secret Life of Lobsters” or paintings of naked tree kangaroo women. But I digress.

I should probably be addressing orders, so, uh…right. Busy lately. Not many exciting posts. The cold weather has killed the bugs, and Athena has been well behaved. Damn you, world! If you keep going smoothly, my readers will start sending me pipe bombs just so I’ll blog amusingly about That Time My Hand Wound Up On The Roof…

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