Gearworld FAQ

I’m working on a Gearworld painting, the first of a set intended to be a coherent show, which god willing, I can shop around to a gallery somewhere. I probably won’t put most of them on-line until I’ve either worked out the gallery angle or abandoned the notion in despair, as painful as this is–I like feedback! *sob* (I’m still unsure whether a gallery would care about it being on-line or not, but I figure better safe than sorry, and they wouldn’t be for sale anyway, so I might as well wait, I guess.) Never fear, there WILL be other art put on-line as usual, whenever I get the mad whimsy urges and whatnot, but maybe the mild insanity of arting into a relative void will lead to some interesting stuff. And I’m sure I’ll put one or two up, because…y’know. Advertising or whatever.

But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, I was thinking “man, I should work on the Gearworld FAQ,” while I was waiting for paint to dry. And I pulled up the FAQ, and realized that there were no questions and in fact just a rambling disjointed thing about bunkers. I should probably just use the answer to the quick interview on the topic administered at Midwest Furfest, but it includes the phrase “slugs are my bitch” so maybe I shouldn’t.

It occurred to me then that it’s hard to write a FAQ when you have no questions. So I thought, okay, what questions do I ask?

I came up with the following:

So, like, what the hell is up with Gearworld?
Did you make it up?
I have this great idea for a Gearworld painting…
Is there a list of the gearworld paintings?

and then I ran out of steam. It’s hard to ask yourself questions about something on which you’re both the only authority and barely understand at all. So, uh…anybody got any more questions?

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