Talking myself into my annual Futility Quest this year…submitting art to Spectrum. I’m not sure what to submit–there’s an illo I did for Mongoose that I’m rather proud of, and “Walking the Frog” was pretty good, but beyond that, I’m stumped. While I’m proud of “The Polar Court” it’s furry, and furry does not seem to get in very easily–same with “Penguin of Arabia.” The giant & fairy piece is also a definite possibility. I think the Weird Fruit may be too weird, although the bighorn pears are tempting.

I only want to send two, maybe three tops, though, because the entry fees ain’t all that cheap. So while the Mongoose illo is definitely in, and I’m leaning towards Walking the Frog, I dunno what to do for the third…Giant and Fairy is probably the most likely of the three to have acceptable subject matter, Polar Court is arguably the most dramatic and elaborate of the lot…I’m torn.

I probably won’t get in–they didn’t like either Sir Bunny or Bad Egg, and those are probably the two pieces I am most proud of so far, but I keep trying because…y’know.

Edit: Links, on request!

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