Finished a Digger. Uploaded it. Was seized by inspiration in the middle of the night for Digger, managed to cling to it long enough to spend half an hour this morning writing. (I did not have this half hour to spend, mind you, but when you’ve finally got a good way to quickly sum up what was otherwise gonna be a really tedious two-month conversation, you make the time.) Mailed bills. Finished Battle Hamster Raid. Running off last few prints. Must scan Battle Hamster painting if possible (or arrange photo shoot if not) frame, run off a few prints. Must do laundry. Epic, epic amounts of laundry. Must pick up prescription. Must pack art supplies. Must do final mailing ‘o art.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you find yourself thinking “Almost done, then I can relax,” when “relax” in this context means “ten hour drive” followed by “six hour drive” followed by “convention.”

But I shall prevail! I am indomitable! Like the noble chicken, which ceases not its labors even after fate’s cruel axe has severed its head, I shall continue to run frantically in circles, clucking mightily, yea verily.

Picked up the Katurran Odyssey yesterday when I was grabbing books for the road. Have not had a chance to read much, mind you, although I hope to get more done while doing laundry. It’s cool. While I’m still not the biggest fan of the combination of photoshop airbrushing with pencil sketches, it makes up for this with the sheer scale–lots of very complex scenes packed with critters. It’s pretty damn impressive, and awakens the usual “can I do that?” itch to do an exceedingly complex figure-laden scene just to prove to myself that I can.* But that’ll all have to wait. Maybe when I get back. At the moment, the only exceedingly complex scene I’m likely to find myself in will involve toppling the topless towers of laundry.

Not much longer now…!

Edit: Should also add that the Katurran Odyssey gets major props for having lots and lots of primates, and not just the ringtail lemurs. We need more of the cool monkeys in furry art, damnit. (And I ought to do some of it myself, I suppose…) Also, there’s at least two hairy nosed wombats in crowd scenes, and that’s just cool.

*Again, one of those artistic motives that, I secretly suspect, is at least as common as deathless inspiration from the muse.

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