I’m about to utter the most horrible, dangerous words in the artist’s vocabulary. People may want to avert their eyes and nail garlic over the monitor.

I think I’ve got enough art.

Man, that makes me twitch.

However, I have 25 paintings. I think that’s all I can possibly hope to fit in my space in the MFF art show, I won’t need to hang any NFS pieces, and I’ll probably have to leave “Unicorn & Cardinal” home. I still have to finish one painting, and it’d be cool if I could get the battle hamster raid piece done, (and then I really will have to leave the Unicorn home, and I may be hanging art off the ceiling to boot) but other than that, I’ve got a good chunk, probably half of which are $50 or less (since that’s where most of the sales take place) the remainder of which are largely under $100, with two good big showy pieces, hopefully three. All in all, I seem to have done pretty well.

The small voice that, several weeks prior to a convention, inevitably begins a ceaseless yammer of “You’re screwed! You’re screwed! You’re screwed!” has run into the brick wall of hard numbers, and is clutching its head and looking a bit dazed.

I still dare not post them on-line yet, although one or two may yet be forthcoming, but some of the titles include:

“Nailing Down The Moon II”
“Under the Tusked Sun” (which was completely painted before the awful pun occurred to me–I was gonna call it “Stealing the Fanged Sun” but my friend Kathy pointed out that they were tusks, not fangs, and it just snapped into place)
“The Pangolin and the Slightly Twitchy Star”
“The Worm’s Turn” (which pun occurred to me before I even started)
“The Lizard and the Fairy Slugmother”
“I Am Not Tinkerbell”
“Turnip, Dragon, Lollipop”
“Sea Serpent Floatation Device”
“The Toast Incident” (featuing the hamsters)
“Ambulocetus Goes To The Beach”
“Tamandua Tea”
“The March Hare Seeks Therapy”

Some of ’em are silly and weird. But as soon as I typed that, I realized that it went without saying, and if it was all normal and staid, people would wonder what was wrong.

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