Finished my chunk of the book of selected sketches, which will be published (hopefully!) in time for Midwest Furfest. The title is “It Made Sense At The Time.” The Sofawolf guys did a great job on layout, given what weirdness they had to work with. And yes, it should be available on-line, and I’ll post here when it is. I think people will like it. The sketches are, of course, sketchy, and in some cases very rough, but there’s a lot of polished stuff, a few paintings that just never got put online–and a lot of just weird stuff. In addition to some work already seen here in ages past, and roughs for paintings people may know, they contain a lot of things that have never before seen the light of day–the original Lurking Turnip, for example, the Old Woman Who Lived in a Rutabega, Summoning the Tuber Spirit, and many other things that in some cases do not involve root vegetables.

Almost completely finished with the Midwest Furfest art.

Tooth not hurting, gums healed nicely, but getting twingy jaw pain. There was a chunk of tissue on the X-rays below one of the roots that the dentist chalked up as responsible for a lot of the pain, and I suspect that may be the culprit. However, he also said it was healing nicely, so I’m not going to worry about it unless it gets a lot worse or isn’t gone in a week. (My stuffed up nose is probably skewing matters, too, since my sinuses put pressure on the nerves in my teeth.)

Today, gotta finish the last bit of MFF, and work on paintings for the art show. A lot of paintings. I have exactly two small cheap pieces, and I’ll need a lot more, since that’s where the sales generally are, in the $25-50 range. I’ve got a couple small acrylics of the hooded guys, but they’ll be a little more expensive. (I will put them on-line after the show, most likely, although it’s possible one or two may go up beforehand.) Also gotta finish off a commission that’s coming along, but not fast enough to suit me.

So a full day, a solid day, but not a drowning in quicksand groping for vines day. S’all good.

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