It occurs to me that these are both paintings that have been around for a bit, and I never posted ’em here (or in the case of the hummingbird, much of anywhere.)

Quick study of trees that succumbed to Small-Animal-In-A-Hat-itis

A small Gearworld homage to my mom’s art, which may possibly have symbolism relevant to my need for a root canal at time of painting. Which makes me wonder, now that I think of it–there are so many paintings we interpret in terms of universal Big Symbols, like life and death and nature and man and whatnot. I wonder how many of those were actually about the artist needing dental work or having an overdue student loan bill or being unable to find weed or something.

Hell, for all I know, Moby Dick is actually the saga of Melville’s struggle with a really big zit on his nose. You know…one of the ones that keep coming back. A man could go mad trying to find that great white monster. Losing a hand…okay, that’s a stretch, I’ll grant you, but otherwise, I can see it. Call me Ishmael.

What the hell was I talking about again?

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