Alas, poor Lance!

One really amazing critical upside the head today, and my faithful well-meaning, dumb-as-a-sack-of-really-noble-hammers paladin, Lance (her real name is B’ob*) went into death and straight out the other side. Insto-doom, no waiting. (Our GM apologizing, saying that the criticals really unbalance the game. Oh, well…)

Fortunately, there’s still a vague chance of resurrection, and our GM was kind enough to allow her kid sister (E’d) to track her down in the sewer and finish out the day, since otherwise I would’ve been awfully bored. The second paladin-rogue, fellow scion of the House of Chicken,** was much grumpier, probably because of that whole stumbling over the corpse of her sister bit, and also because she thought the other party members were gibbering idiots.

However, we finished the dungeon, and hopefully will be able to haul my dead paladin butt out, since B’ob’s much more thuggin’. If not, E’d will take over. (And when E’d dies, Fr’ed! And J’ohn! And St’an! And D’ave! The House of Chicken does not practice birth control!)

Also, someone ate my chicken. (You try to leave the chicken somewhere safe…) If I get rezzed, there is SO going to be smiting. And I’m not letting the next chicken out of my sight.

*She’s a changeling. They all have really short names. And everything in this campaign setting has been hit with the apostrophe gun.
**I’m sure it sounds better in whatever the heck language they speak. And probably has more apostraphes.

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