Gonna be heading up to my mom and Tom’s for a few days here shortly, and my brain has decided we’re already on vacation. I hammered out an extra Digger this morning to make sure my buffer stays intact, and I’m pretty sure I expended the last of my motive force getting that done.

There’s stuff I could be working on, but it ain’t happening. Since the last actual vacation I took was…um…the last time I went up there, in…July? June? Something like that? I’m probably overdue. Been harder and harder to get the thrill up for a painting, have abandoned a lot of good ideas from lack of motivation, so four or five days off is probably exactly what I need. And the last time, I came back and started the Weird Fruit thing, and discovered clayboard, so it’s bound to be good for me.

I tried to doodle a small brain sitting on the beach with a tropical drink and an umbrella, but even that’s not happening. But try to envision it anyway.

I might still do a painting of the homicidal hamsters, just ‘cos that still strikes me as funny, but it may just have to wait until I get back.

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