Best. Mixup. Ever.

If you watched the VP debates last night, you might have heard Cheney, rather than tackling the Herculean task of defending Haliburton, urge everyone to go to where “the facts would speak for themselves.”*

And I, too, suggest everybody go there. Go right now. The facts will speak for themselves. I’ll wait.


Heh heh heh heh heh…

He meant “” I’m guessing. While I’m the last person to judge someone for mixing up .com and .org–I do it all the time–it’s an election year, and pouncing on the most minute of gaffes by either side is the hobby of both parties. And I thought it was pretty damn classic. Internet 1, Cheney 0.

As for the debates, as in most cases, (excepting such trainwrecks as the first presidential) the Dems think Edwards won, the Reps think Cheney won. I thought Cheney did pretty well, in all honesty, but I also think that people are shallow enough that the fact that Edwards is young and good looking and Cheney looks like Mr. Burns carrying a few extra pounds will count for quite a bit. The split screen definitely did Cheney no good. On the other hand, Edwards should have gone for the jugular a lot more, and lost a few good opportunities. On the gripping hand, it’s a VP debate, and thus is at best comic relief and a way to kill ninety minutes yelling at the TV, so I don’t really care either way.

My only other thought on the VP debates is that the moderator kicked ass.

*I actually think that this was fairly intelligent on his part–Haliburton is a corrupt and scary morass, but insisting that the viewers actually DO something means that nine tenths of them won’t and will leave the issue in doubt.

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