Courtesy of the Fed Ex dude, and Ellen sharing her settings, there’s a snazzy Epson 1280 sitting on my desk right now, running off a 13 x 19 of the fat fairy. I am stoked.

Also, I made the mistake of letting James play Fable. One of the titles, if you are a lowly noob in Fable, is “Chicken Chaser.” This means that wherever you go, the natives say “Chicken Chaser! Do you chase chickens then?” and point and laugh.

I have been subjected to James uttering the phrase “Chicken Chas-ER!” in a truly bizarre voice for most of last night and part of this morning. Also, he has taken to singing “You’ve got…those chicken eyes…” to a tune that I think was “Betty Davis Eyes” before he got ahold of it.

I have a really weird husband, but since he set up the printer last night, went out and got me jumbo print paper, and is generally fabulous, I won’t complain. Much.

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