Who funds the Teen Titans?

I mean, I realize that the Justice League is probably operated primarily out of Bruce Waynes’s pocket–Clark Kent has the reporter’s salary, (which he sends back home to Mom) but everybody else seems to be perma-unemployed. There’s probably a government stipend in there somewhere, and the occasional royalty check off neat gadgets, but you gotta figure Batman pays the electric bill.

The Teen Titans, however, have no jobs, lots of gadgets, and live in a giant T that requires major reconstruction work every few episodes. However, they can still afford a great deal of gadgetry (except for Beast Boy, who was reduced to scrounging by as a carnival sideshow in one time-travel-to-the-future episode.) and the truant officer never shows up.

So who’s payin’ for that giant T? Batman doesn’t seem to show up in the Teen Titan world, so unless he’s signing checks off camera…

Geeky readership ‘o mine, I implore you–can anyone answer this gnawing question?

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