I did three whole paintings of slugs today. I’m possessed or obsessed or something. Possibly it’s just that the end of Happy Frogdom is in sight–I should finish up Tuesday, hitting Mr. Deadline squarely on the nose–and the briefly dammed torrents of my twisted brain are starting to put serious stress on the architecture. I can’t justify a major, obsessive painting (although I’ve got one all planned out and another one to finish!) which would be a serious drain, so for the past week or so, things have been escaping in the form of small quick watercolors, like small leaks in the dam. I plug the leaks with paintings as fast as I can, but it’s only a matter of time before a major incursion.

If I try to extend this metaphor any farther, fish ladders are gonna come into it, and that can’t end well.

But anyway! Happy Slugs in Love!

The other two paintings must await better photography, but should be up tomorrow or so. And soon, preciousss…sssoon the happy frogssess will tormentss usss no more….

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