If I can just…finish…this &!*&%!%!!!!ing happy frog…I can paint slugs all day. Slugs in love. Slugs of the Elements. (Fear the awesome power of the Earthslug!) Joyous slugs. Stylized slugs. Any slug my heart desires.

If I can finish the happy frog.

I should be painting. But I needed a break. I love frogs, it’s a good gig, and I’m proud of the work I’m doing, but holy crapsicles, you cram fifteen, sixteen happy frog paintings into two weeks, and the sight of a happy frog will make you want to run shrieking into the bush.

Also, despite having taken Claritin, I’m snorfling. Not badly, not incapacitated, but a definite low-level snorfle, which would have been a dire deathly snorfle if I had not staggered out of bed and groped for the Claritin before any other morning ablutions. But I was prepared. I know my nemesis well. Damn you, pollen! From hell’s heart, I sneeze at thee!

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