Arty art art.

Frog paintings going well. Still enjoying them. After about the sixth or seventh, I will hate them. After the dozenth, I will have developed a sort of artistic Stockholm Syndrome, and will fall in love with the happy frog, my captor, who is, after all, stuck in here with me and is the only one who understands the long hours of dragging digital paint around. Hostage negotiators will be called in, and the frog will eventually trade me in return for a padded mailer to Cuba. I will require years of therapy and will eventually become a ninja* in my attempts to cope.

But at the end I think I’ll be proud of the resulting art, so s’all good. (This book will probably not be available for purchase, since it’s a textbook, but I’ll see if I can’t post a few of the images at some point.)

And, finally, in delightfully good news, after many trials and travails, the Anthrocon art Has Arrived Home. Rafferty’s been a prince about this–you wouldn’t believe the horrors we had with Fed-Ex–and at long last, I can get back to all those people waiting to see if pieces had sold or were still available. About the only surprises were that the big Lizard Explorer piece sold, and the Pig Flies and a little wild mohawked-native-lizard-on-riding-slug piece didn’t. But that’s cons for you–you never ever know.

Just in case anyone doesn’t know where to find it:

The mohawked slug rider’s not up–still need to scan him. But he’ll be up, quite cheap, soon, since he’s only a 4 x 6.

My first stab at abstract art went horribly wrong. I put a beaver on it on a whim. That went even worse. I chucked the result into my scrap pile. I have another idea–I think I’m going about this all wrong. We’ll see.

*or maybe a pirate.

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