The inevitable meeting of the dodofish and the pink lizard!

When Worlds Collide

Other than that, not much to report. Got approvals back on a project that’s been hanging for awhile, and I’ve got sixteen pages of paintings to get out in two weeks. But I am indomitable! I am undaunted! I WANT MY MOMMY!

Actually, she’s preparing for a show and spending all her time painting, too, come to think of it…

Since I have to get my own art out around the edges of the pro work, it’s taking awhile, and my big acrylic stuff is sorta on hold, so I’m back to doing some quick little watercolors until the swamp lessens a little. But s’all cool. (And now that I’ve publicly said that, I will doubtless be overcome with clayboard lust and go back to the acrylic.)

Coupla pieces of mine are now out being shown at a local cafe–James works with the owner, and he was soliciting submissions. I don’t actually expect to sell anything, but it’s the first non-Con public exposure of my work, not counting my hastily doodled “Wall of Chickens” magic card that went up on the wall at Uncle Sven’s comic shop back in St. Paul some nine or ten years ago. (The shop later caught fire. The Wall of Chickens, however, survived miraculously undamaged.)

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