Phew…end of con. Didn’t do too badly. Got to be on some panels with T Campbell, had a lot of fun, pimped Graphic Smash a bit. Sales not great, but overhead was low. Moved a coupla pieces in the art show, saw some nice work up, met a lot of people. (I’d list names, but then I’d seem like I was name dropping. But I might do it anyway.) Was on a lot of panels with Jael, who was the guest of honor and a terribly sweet woman. Had a lot of panels, overall. Panels, panels, panels. Getting into webcomics was something I have no regrets at all over, but shit, it made me eligible for a lot of panels…

My friend Leonor took third place in the costume contest, as a dead sexy gypsy undead hunter (and would have taken first, but Boba and Jango Fett had some damn nice costumes, and…sci-fi convention…y’know.)

Speaking of which…if I put up all the art I did in the last two weeks, it’d be one gross artsplosian, and people would glaze over, and *I* would glaze over. So I’ll do a few at a time, starting with the ones that sold already.

These are the Organ-Grinder’s Slug, which was the most popular piece I did, and got a lot of people coming up and saying “I love the organ-grinder with the slug!” (Twigjack there, Unicorn and Cardinal there, a neverbeforeseen Weird Fruit, the first Gearworld original EVER, the Lurking Turnip…and it was the 5 x 7 under-an-hour watercolor. I am delighted that people liked it, but I can’t help a certain amused chagrin at the way these things work out…)

Annnd his little buddy, the Slug Charmer!

The Slug Charmer was largely James’s idea. Then he tried to convince me to do a lizard overclocking his slug, or perhaps modding his slug, but time was limited.

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