There was a slight gap in my schedule where a project that didn’t work out had been–nothing much, just several weeks that were going to be “fairly busy” instead of “probably sleepless.”

Fortunately, something immediately rushed in to fill it, so I don’t need to sweat that I might suddenly have to deal with free time. That would have been terrible. But it’s a cool project that pays fine, and I’m excited to do it–details if and when it comes together.

The vacation did me a lot of good–got a cover mostly finished, barring twiddling, and even whipped out two 5 x 7 mixed media pieces to send up to Anthrocon. (This is MY grape.) (This one would be autobiographical, if I were a sea serpent. I find sock puppets a little…off. But then again, that’s a pretty big ‘if’.)

And! I finally finished the walrus! Now I just gotta photograph him…

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