Nestwatch #1

Four eggs now–I’m not sure, but I think one might be new. Could be wrong, though. It’s definitely a Carolina wren nest, because I went out to look at a flower, and one came bopping out of the nest and proceeded to cuss me roundly in Wren. So they’re definitely still using the nest, and man, can they scream when they’re irritated.

I’m so excited.

The brown-headed nuthatches have fledged, and there is a small, almost spherical one hopping up and down angrily and yelling–an almost mechanical, staticky sort of chatter, like a blast of off-white noise–on a stub of branch a few feet up from the deck, while the adult patiently flies between my sunflower seed feeder and the branch to shove seeds down its darling offspring’s throat.

And I should be working, so that’s it for now.

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