Today, the 100th strip of Digger went up! Wooo! 100 pages! And the mail is already trickling in, since it was, err–well, let’s just say that this is a strip worth reading, since there’s a rather upsetting development, and people are, to judge by the response, rather upset.

I had originally wished that this particular strip could fall on a Thursday so that we could cliff-hanger over the weekend, but p’raps in retrospect it’s just as well.

In other news, went over to friend’s place, stuffed self at Memorial Day. Four varieties of beef. I am one with my inner bovine. Then we watched old episodes of “Have Gun–Will Travel” which was quite entertaining.

Still finding time around the edges of the work I HAVE to do to slap some pixels on this other painting. I have a theory. This is “The Three Kinds of Painting” according to Ursula. Some paintings you do because you have Deep Meaning to convey, emotional tour-de-forces requiring tourists (Hmm, “I’m a tourist on someone else’s emotional tour-de-force” would be a good line for some highly specific set-up) and rich tapestries of personal symbolism to weave.

Obviously I have as little truck with these as possible.

And then there’s the ones you paint because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe you didn’t quite know why, maybe you just had to get that out of your brain before it ran amok, generally you’re just painting it because “Ha! Cardinals! but like–cardinals!” or whatever your personal equivalent may be.

Most of my art probably falls in this category.

And then, of course, there’s “Fear my l33t art!” art, which you do, generally in order to paint one specific part of the painting to prove that you can. And this piece I’m working on is definitely one of those, and thus should probably be subtitled “I can TOO paint checkerboard tile!” which is, needless to say, a bloody exhausting process, but there you are.

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