From the realm of unexpected and delightful ego boosts…

A few months ago, “Bad Egg” was the cover of an e-zine called “Simulacrum.” And while I was, naturally, quite pleased to be on the cover, I was also right smack in the middle of moving across t’bloody country, and then I didn’t have internet and some of you may remember that I would occasionally get on-line long enough to rail against the horrors of dial-up and then drop incomminicado again. It was a hectic and unpleasant stretch full of bills and set-up costs and getting new driver’s licenses and registrations, and thus, I did not pay all that much attention to being on this particular cover, which is entirely a reflection on the stage of my existence, and not the magazine, which is pretty damn cool.

Having recently been contacted to license art for two more covers at two different places, I was rummaging through back things, to make sure I hadn’t given anybody the North American first-time serials to these pieces, and I went and checked out the “Simulacrum” cover, because (how sad is this) I couldn’t remember what the heck the cover had been. And discovered, to my great amazement, that the next issue’s cover was by none other than Rodney Matthews, who’s work I always greatly enjoyed.*

So that made me feel kinda unexpectedly warm and fuzzy, damnit.

*Except for the preachy bits, of course.

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