Quick and silly little watercolor of a grumpy little tadpole.

This one’ll probably be up on Furbid here shortly, since I’m doin’ okay on originals for cons (she said, thereby smiting Fate across the face with a gauntlet and insuring that she will not sleep at all in July.)

My current project is a little weirder, though similiar in color scheme and technique. See, as y’all have probably noticed, my rock formations inevitably come out phallic. I can’t help it. It just happens. I have actually had art directors ask me, in so many words, to remove the prepuce from a rock formation.

It’s not intentional, but a rock is basically a big pointy sticky-uppy thing, and if I try to put any irregularity to it at all…well, y’know. So as a form of aversion therapy, I am painting a small watercolor of nothing but giant stone penises. This may get it out of my system, or it may just annhilate my last chance of ever getting a job at someplace like Hallmark, but I’m taking my chances. Valley of the Wang, ahoy!

I’d say I’m not weird, but I figure there’s no point.

Edit: In fact, here’s the tadpole auction now…

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