A gargantuan (at least when compared to the Carolina chickadees) bluejay just landed out back. I’m used to Stellar’s jays, which are blue in the way that a cat or a horse is blue–that sort of peculiarly sheened gray. But this sucker is BLUE.

Trying to plant for birds and butterflies–gonna try starting some bee balm and coneflowers from seed, and see if I can’t plant ’em in the side yard. A packet of seeds is a small enough investment that I’m willing to make it in a rental property, and I’ll see if some of the bee balm will live in a pot. That should round out my plantings–I’ve got vines, shrubs, and a few nifty annuals–although I’m pretty sure I’ll get hit by the “OOOH! Lookit that!” bug a coupla times. The spring is young, yet. is young.

The sheer joy of having a garden again cannot be fathomed. I have pineapple sage! (Mom used to have pineapple sage, and she says the hummingbirds are attracted to it like nothing else she’s ever seen.)

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