Monthly Archives: March 2004

The tube…came…back. Again. They politely circled the “TO” address this time, but evidentally that was the extent of their involvement–actually delivering it to said address is way beyond the scope of the US postal service. I have double and triple checked, and there is nothing that should render it undeliverable–it’s clear, legible, and complete. They […]

Oy…I gotta stop playing video games so intensively that I dream in game interface. When you’re playing Diablo, it’s one thing–orthographic view dreams are kinda amusing–but when you’re playing Voodoo Vince and flinging yourself through jumping puzzles all day, it is not exactly restful. Yesterday I was idily noodling around the sketchbook folder on my […]

Oh frabjous day! The first teeny green shoot from a bulb I planted has nosed through the soil of the planter. It’s alive! MUHAHAHAHAH! This may seem like a somewhat out of proportion amount of joy for the predictable emergence of what is either a grape hyacinth or a freesia, but you gotta understand, I’ve […]

Yesterday, I mailed a print. It was in a tube. The tube had two pre-printed labels on it, clearly labelled “To” and “From.” Because I have the brains the good lord gave an eggplant, I carefully wrote my address in “From” and the recipient’s address in “To.” I took it down to the UPS store, […]

Workin’ on paintings today…page 80 of Digger got done yesterday, a number that staggers me completely. Today, did the layouts and about half of page 81. I have two paintings sort’ve in the works. I think I’ve finally hit a method for the mixed media originals that works–I do a sketch on the computer, I […]

Sort’ve a noodling around day–did some work on a Digger page, did some work on my next painting (which features a snail) and updated my webpage. Prints of the Slug Totem are now available! My energy seems to be cyclical–some days, I can work straight through with great enthusiasm, and some days, like today, I […]

If you’re a sci-fi geek with political opinions who reads stuff on LJ, the odds are probably better than even that you’ve stumbled over the Orson Scott Card thing about gay marriage, which I found dreadfully misguided, even as a straight chick. Fine and good, free country, he gets to say these things, I get […]

There was a time when I felt bad for telemarketers. It’s a crappy job, and you generally only do it out of desperation–I can’t imagine that there are people out there who aspired, from their cradle, to be a telemarketer. Since the advent of the do-not-call registry, however, and my signing up for it, my […]