Monthly Archives: March 2004

bruceb sent this one my way… Best Comic Cover Ever What does it mean? Why does Man-Ape need those three books? I figure that either it’s a lame reason–the publisher of those three editions included a secret code on page #178 that, deciphered, will point the way to the Secret Atomic Death Chicken Ray–or a […] My latest outbreak of Slime Fever, and the bumper sticker that I would have if I were a snail. I’m probably gonna auction this one off here shortly–need the money, as I’ve said, and all my planned Cons are months off. It’s 11 x 14, layered media like a lunatic…watercolor, colored pencil, gouache, fluid […]

Busy today. Verrrrry busy. Sold the original to “Snorkus, Liberator of Goldfish” this morning, though, so that was a Good Thing. Gotta make some cash for the taxes–our savings, which had been set aside to pay them (we’ve been self-employed for a few years, we know the drill!) were unfortunately mostly gutted by the period […]

Aaaand the cowbird is followed by an enormous (but skittish) bluebird. Man, I love those things. I think it’s seeing bright blue animals. You never see blue animals. (Okay, sure, in reefs, maybe. I don’t hang out in reefs. Minnesota was not known for its reefs.) I wish the blaaubuck wasn’t extinct. Nobody’s really sure […]

This is gettin’ creepy… It’s been my week for tying up loose ends. I don’t mean the “Oh, bugger, I never e-mailed a follow-up on that one thing six weeks ago,” loose ends, I mean “Hey, so that’s where that song I heard once in high school a DECADE ago that has nagged me since […]