Monthly Archives: March 2004

I’d like to thank everybody who so kindly commented–I feel better now. Ebulliance has not quite triumphed, but it’s got the bastard cornered, so we’re on the right track. The nap helped. (I had this very…Mary Sueish dream. Which is only sensible, since I AM actually the main character, but nevertheless, it was very strange […]

Suddenly, and without much reason, feeling depressed. I don’t often fall into oh-god-I’m-a-hack mode, but when it hits, it happens all at once, and usually fairly hard. It comes from comparing my art to the standard I’d like to be at, which is a lot higher and held by the top pros in the industry. […]

Not as sore this morning as I’d expected–my calves are occasionally twinging sullenly, but that’s about it. Tentative buyer lined up for the big Cardinal piece, which was a great morning pick-me up–gotta clear it with a friend who’d made prior interested noises and see if he still wants it, since he has first crack, […] Gronk. That one did not come easily, and in the end, I don’t know if there’s enough to it. The composition became very formal at the end, and the goldfinch is too bright, and my four-hour-war with the figure left me rather discouraged about the whole thing. On the other hand, I have this […]

Yesterday was a frustrating evening. James spent a good hour trying to fight a level boss–a giant purple demon woman in a thong and copper nipple armor, who flung hot pink fireballs–and I labored for about four hours on a figure that the gearworld ultimately didn’t want in it and which had to be scrapped. […]