Monthly Archives: March 2004

The discussion of what the little grey crustacean-bugs that curl into a ball when you poke ’em are called reached new and fevered heights, and after condemning everyone who doesn’t call ’em potato bugs into the outer darkness with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was driven to illustration.

Pet Peeve

+————————————— – | At Thu Mar 25 16:57:02 2004 | erika huyck | () | IP#: | Referring to: ursula/crux.jpg | “U are a sick bastard but a really good drawer” I don’t mind being called a sick bastard. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If anything, I feel mildly warm ‘n fuzzy–Awww. They noticed! […]

I have seen more wombat testicles today… No, seriously. I was watching Croc Hunter, and the wife was hugging a male wombat and explaining the life of the Tasmanian wombat, and the wombat had these enormous, bright white nads. It was more of the wombat than I needed to see. I mean, I love wombats, […]

Art is so high tech. I am transferring a sketch done on the computer, having printed it out at 3 inches high and 600dpi, which size fits nicely into my bargain basement opaque projector (by which I mean it’s a Jr. McTrace-A-Lot that I got for fifteen bucks.) In order to get it centered properly […]

Had a weird and convoluted and-even-for-me-confusing dream which, understanding that dreams tend to be really boring for those not dreaming them, lies behind Mr. Cut Tag. It’s probably no wonder I had weird dreams–a squirrel went INSANE at about 6:15 and started making quacking chattering noises for almost twenty minutes before he got distracted. Annoying […]

I have three fairly solid painting ideas that all want to be painted Right This Minute, Goddamnit. I need extra hands. And eyes, because the extra hands won’t help if I can’t see the other canvas. And an extra spine so that I don’t have to set up some bizarre double-easel situation. And a large […]

Yesterday, my right arm hurt. I thought, as most artists probably do, “Oh, sweet lord, the tendonitis cometh,” and glumly called it a sick day. I spent most of the day bummed, as my faithful appendage, ‘pon whom my livelihood relies, had betrayed me. I looked forward to a grim, if distant, future of pain […]