Pet Peeve

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| At Thu Mar 25 16:57:02 2004
| erika huyck
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| “U are a sick bastard but a really good drawer”

I don’t mind being called a sick bastard. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If anything, I feel mildly warm ‘n fuzzy–Awww. They noticed! And I appreciate that they thought I was reasonably skilled, too–they’re kind to say so, even if they think I’m not right in the head.

No, my pet peeve is “drawer.” I realize that “draftsman” or “limner” are becoming increasingly archaic for “one who draws,” and “drawer” is a logical extension of painter, potter, writer, and teacher. And I have long since given up surprise at the way people use the language on the internet.

Nevertheless, my immediate response is “Good drawer. Large carrying capacity, doesn’t get stuck halfway open, tasteful knob, no mysterious stains or sticky parts on the shelf paper, no mouse turds in the back corners. And the sharp objects aren’t aimed edge up. Yup, that’s me.”

I’ll be getting in touch with my spirit utensils now…*channels the Whisk Totem*

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