I have three fairly solid painting ideas that all want to be painted Right This Minute, Goddamnit.

I need extra hands. And eyes, because the extra hands won’t help if I can’t see the other canvas. And an extra spine so that I don’t have to set up some bizarre double-easel situation. And a large chunk of extra brain matter to help control the extra hands and eyes so that they can function as a seperate unit.

Screw it, I need a clone. Or a few more hours in the day–twelve should do nicely–because the clone would require feeding and would get ideas of its own and would probably object to being harvested for organs afterwards.

And hell, as long as we’re wishing, I’d also like a pony.

I have learned not to describe painting ideas too closely or they get jinxed, so I’ll just say–gnome birds, evil moon, airborne slug. Hopefully at least one of the three will come out.

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